Checkout the DIY LIP SCRUB to get those ROSY LIPS like Hina Khan, Jennifer Winget and Pooja Banerjee!


Every girl want to have luscious rosy lips.

There are many time when we don’t want to go with lipstick and want to be in best in our natural beauty and sometime we want those very colourful pops.

Watching our favourite television actors, we’d all want to have that natural pout and we buy the most suitable lip colours to look all appealing. However,  if you are someone with pigmented lips, that becomes a dream that never comes true. 

Actors in the likes of Hina Khan, Jennifer Winget and Pooja Banerjee look very pretty and fashionable. While they follow a healthy lifestyle, to ensure there natural beauty .

Today, we have a DIY lip scrub for you with which you can naturally change that lip colour and also provide a smooth canvas for your matte lipsticks with three home ingredients. And best is that you can eat them as well.
So read on to groom your lips like your favourite television celebrities.

All you need is some granulated sugar, olive oil and beetroot.Granulated sugar provides exfoliation while it is a known fact that olive oil is loaded with nutrients which retain the moisture. Beetroot makes your lips pink naturally and is an inexpensive natural dye. Along with that, it has loads of antioxidants and other health benefits!

All you need to do is add two tablespoons of sugar, half tablespoon of olive oil and slowly add beetroot juice as much required to start scrubbing. 

now check the result and comment us below


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