Happy Birthday! Dilip Kumar becomes of 95 years old and he will not celebrate his birthday this year


The legendary actor Dilip Kumar celebrates his 95th Birthday today. And while the actor does not keep very well these days, wife Saira Banu decides to make the day special for him in a simple yet sweet way. Dilip Sahab is recovering from Pneumonia still, the doctors have advised him to stay away from infections and keeping that in mind the possibilities of a party is ruled out.

However, talking about making the day special for the veteran actor wife Saira Banu said that she plans to treat Dilip Sahab with his favorite delicacies which include Biryani and Vanilla ice-cream. She said,” He loves biryani and that will be made for him but I will give him only little as he is unwell. He is also fond of vanilla ice cream; I will ask the doctors if we can give him a little bit of that too. Then we will have a birthday cake. We will not have a grand birthday party as he is not keeping well. The immune system is not so good after he was down with pneumonia. I cannot let him exert now.”

Saira Banu also plans to buy him a new pair of shirt and trousers. “Dilip Sahab is fond of good and simple clothes. He likes cotton shirts and trousers and matching
shoes and socks. He has a huge collection of shoes, which he has from the world over. Every year I order things of his choice. He is not a materialistic man. He
doesn’t like expensive gifts. My one consistent gift to him every year is my love, which keeps intensifying,” she adds.


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