I used to cry watching myself in a negative character: Naina Singh on quitting Kumkum Bhagya


Zee TV which has made major developments now will replace Naina Singh who played the character of Rhea will be replaced and Maera Mishra will take over the show as Rhea.

When we talk to Naina Singh to know more about her decision of quitting the show amidst lockdown, the actress said, “I had quit the show back in February. I was not satisfied with the way my character Rhea was proceeding. It had become monotonous and there was no growth to the character and myself as an actress. There wasn’t any scope or improvement for the character. I requested the makers to alter my character so that it can suffice the artist in me, but things kept on getting delayed and that’s when I decided to move on. It was a very difficult decision to make and wasn’t taken with a snap of time. I took a long time to finally decide to put down my papers. However, I have no qualms against the makers. I feel extremely privileged and happy to beg Rhea. The production house has been extremely warm and nice. It will always be special. I would love to work again with Balaji, whenever they call me in future”.

He added further “I will absolutely miss shooting. From my co-stars to the crew members, everyone was shocked to know about me quitting the show. They tried to explain to me to change my mind. I remember my hair-didi called me the other day and was sobbing, that moment I felt very heavy and felt that it’s not going to be easy. Also, when my director mentioned Rhea’s replacement, I felt a pang of pain to know that someone else will play the character that I’ve built. But at the same time, I think sticking by something that doesn’t satisfy me as an actor shouldn’t be continued for so long. I came to Mumbai to pursue acting which is my passion and I don’t want to compromise on that”.

When asked about portraying the negative shade character and the disadvantages of the same, she added, “I used to come back home feeling very heavy and uneasy. I used to cry watching myself on Television, I remember my mother used to tell me that it’s just an act but, I don’t know, it used to leave me stressed and took a toll on me. I wouldn’t want to do a negative role in Television in the future because when one does a movie or a web-series that time constraints to portray the character is relatively very less whereas in Television you just continue portraying the same character for months or even years. That really affects one’s mental health”.

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