Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir -Adnan Khan and Zara -Eisha Singh to come closer?


Zee TV’s popular drama Ishq Subhan Allah had premiered to several controversies but has now found a comfortable spot in the top 10 shows list. The show featuring Adnan Khan and Eisha Singh focuses on women empowerment and challenges the misconceptions pertaining to Islamic culture.

For those who have been following the show, they are aware of the divorce drama. Amidst this, Kabir was hospitalised after he was suffering from double pneumonia wherein Eisha takes care of him. She even blasts at Zeenat and Shahbaz who ask her to stay away from Kabir. She even threatens to get them arrested for interfering between a wife and a husband.

Before this, Kabir and Zara spent the night in a cottage owing to heavy rains. Her friends ask her to lie about the consummation of their marriage to the family so that their first Talaq could be nullified but Zara refuses to lie. She tells the family with utmost honesty that nothing happened between her and Kabir.

This is when Kabir is left impressed with Zara’s honesty. He then goes to Zara’s house against his father’s wish and apologises to Zara’s father and gets Zara back to his home.

This development between the two is sure to get them closer as they learn new things about each other.

Are you excited for their love story to take a new turn? Let us know in the comments below.


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