Kritika Kamra Reveals her Best Friend!

Actress Kritika Kamra, who is seen playing the title role in TV show “Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta”, says she is addicted to Google and considers it her best friend.

“As I am very curious, I need to Google everything. If I hear a new word, I’ll Google it or if I am going to a new restaurant, I will Google the menu beforehand. I am addicted to Google more than anything as I use it the most,” Kritika said in a statement.

“I even Google words in foreign languages to get the pronunciation right. If I watch a movie, then I Google about it for more knowledge such as the making, about people in the movie, what has he or she done before, etc. Google is my best friend,” she added.

“Prem Ya Paheli Chandrakanta”, aired on Life OK, also features Ankit Arora, Gaurav Khanna and Sudesh Berry.

Source : TOI


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