Luv and Priyank gets nominated, Contestant’s families and friends enter the house as Padosis


The competition among the contestants is getting tougher day by day. 7 contestants are left in the house and no one wants to lost the game now. Bigg Boss 11 is inching towards the finale.

Nomination Task – Since Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta are safe from nominations, the other five contestants – Puneesh, Akash, Shilpa, Luv and Priyank are asked to get inside the dome one by one. They have to come out of the dome, after pressing the buzzer on completion of 42 minutes.

Nomination Task Rules
Since there is no source of keeping a tab on time, the contestants inside the dome will have to guess the time through their own calculations. The other contestants, who are outside the dome, can disturb or distract the contestant who is inside the dome.

The Housemates Try To Distract The Contestant Inside The Dome
The housemate whose assumption of time calculation is closest or correct will be declared safe from the nominations. While one by one, the contestants get inside the dome, the other contestants outside the dome, tries to distract! Any guess who made it on time?

Luv & Priyank Gets Nominated
Well, no one did sit inside the dome for exact 42 min. But, since Priyank and Luv got out of the nomination dome earlier than 42 minutes, they get nominated for next week’s eviction.

Puneesh & Akash Are Glad That They Are Safe
Puneesh and Akash jump with joy as they are saved from eviction! Hina and Shilpa discuss as to how lucky these two guys are! Hina congratulates the contestants, while Priyank and Luv regret for coming out of the dome early!

Bigg Boss Surprises The Contestants And Give Them Pizza Treat On Christmas
Hina comes out with a file and asks the contestants if they are ready, while Akash feels that the nomination task is not yet over and becomes sad! Hina reads out about Bigg Boss’ surprise Christmas party for the housemates. As soon as the announcement was made, the housemates rush to get their pizzas from the store room. They are ecstatic and thank Bigg Boss for the pizza treat.

The Housemates’ Family Members & Friends Enter The House As Padosis!
The upcoming episode will be even more interesting as the housemates’ family members and friends will be entering the house once again, but, this time as ‘padosis’!

According to the promo, Puneesh’s girlfriend, who was his co-contestant in the house (Bandgi Kalra), Hina’s boyfriend (Rocky), Akash’s mother, Luv and Priyank’s mother, Vikas’ mother and Shilpa’s brother will be entering the house. The housemates get emotional seeing their loved once inside the house.


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