Meri Durga – New TV Show to be Aired on Star Plus


Meri Durga, is an Indian television series on Star Plus created by the director turned producer Darien Amos, Ravindra Gautam along with producer Pradeep Kumar under their own banner Tenn-Speed TV India and Paperback Films. The show will be premiered on 26 January, 2017.

The story will trace the journey of a girl (Durga) who aspires to become a runner. It revolves around the most beautiful and sensitive relationship of a father and his daughter. Highlighting the realities of life, Yashpal Choudhary (father) works as a peon in one of the schools in Haryana. His only dream was to fight against all the odds and educate his daughter Durga for a better future. But despite trying hard to study and prove herself, Durga couldn’t reach Yashpal’s expectations. Yashpal who works as a mere school peon has a very progressive viewpoint when it comes to educating a girl or a boy – unlike his other relatives. Durga, on the other hand, is a very lively and a positive 12-year-old who is enjoying her childhood in and around the corners of Haryana. She loves running behind kites, climbing on the mango tree, swimming in the rivers. Besides enjoying her childhood, Durga tried very hard to fulfil his father’s dream. But somehow she just couldn’t understand the calculations and hence always found herself confused between alphabets and numbers.


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