QUARANTINE SPECIAL: Learn NEW RECIPES from Famous television actress!


We follow our favourite television celebrities for a lot of reasons be it a following there fashion trend, their clothes to their routine and lifestyle, their likes and dislikes to all what they eat, we as fans want to know everything about them. Talking about food,  it is clear that most actors and actresses follow a healthy lifestyle because looking good is part of the job – they are humans after all, and treat themselves to a burger and fries every now and then is not a good thing for them.

The pandemic of Coronovirus has struck a lot of celebrities to indulge in their guilty pleasures.

While there are some working out, cleaning, reading and learning new things, there is a section of actors who doing cooking of their favourite dishes and satisfying their tummies with delicacies they crave. Here’s a list of all the culinary skills actors are making the best use of to satiate their pangs!

Mouni Roy is experimenting with different pizzas to suit different taste buds.

Pancake recipe by Pooja Banerjee.

Surbhi Chandna is indulging in a calorie filled chole bhature…

Erica Fernandes is relishing Hydrabadi khatti dal and Aloo methi sabzi.

Which is your guilty pleasure?comment us below…


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