Rashmi-Desai-broke up because of -Arhaan-Khan-

Now, this would possibly go down as associate unpopular opinion however, it’s an associate opinion that has been powerfully thought of Bigg Boss 13′s last weekend episode, Weekend Ka Vaar saw a significant revelation drama, once show host Salman Khan unconcealed that Arhaan Khan isn’t simply married however additionally a father to a child. Arhaan’s girlfriend and participant Rashami Desai was oblivious to this. This led to a colossal outcry within the house, leading to this  Salman Khan walk within the house and console Rashami Desai as she was broken down. However, the subject of debate concerning the episode is that it absolutely was extremely problematic.

First things initial the way Salman Khan tells this news within the house, it absolutely wrong that he notorious news discussion show anchor who wouldn’t let a panelist speak. The subject concerned is not simply a feminine celebrity, Rashami Desai however it was the concern of additionally a baby of Arhaan Khan’s unidentified kid. The episode would possibly scar the growing up child, who would possibly develop feelings of guilt and shame.

Salman Khan might have controlled the case with some maturity and responsibility.


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