Sandhya Rathi aka Deepika Singh Enjoying her Pregnancy – Flaunts her Baby bump


Actor Deepika Singh of Diya Aur Baati Hum fame is all set to embrace motherhood as she shared the news of her pregnancy with fans.

“I am so happy. It’s looking like a new life altogether. I’m taking very good care of my health and diet. Unlike earlier when I used to jump and run all the time, I walk cautiously and that is a good change. I feel a sense of responsibility. Whatever yoga and fitness I’ve done for all these years, it’s really helping me.”

When Asked her if pregnancy was the reason she didn’t take up any new project after her show went off air, Deepika replies, “No. In fact, I got a couple of offers even before the show wrapped up but I wanted to take a break, travel and enjoy life. I feel work will happen for the rest of the life.”

Source : Hindustan Times


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