Shilpa Shinde: ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hain’ was the best thing to happen to me!


When in Rajasthan, do as Rajasthanis do. So when Shilpa Shinde, who became a household name as Angoori Bhabhi from Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain, was in Jaipur recently, she didn’t miss a chance to gorge on her favourite Rajasthani thali. She told us, “I am a hardcore non-vegetarian, but I love the traditional Rajasthani thali. I made the most of this opportunity by ordering my favourite Rajasthani thali that had dal baati churma along with other local delicacies. Back in Mumbai, you don’t get the same taste.”

Shinde has been to Jaipur earlier with her friends and family. She has also been to Ranthambore where she was lucky enough to spot a few tigers. “I like Jaipur a lot. It’s a very cultured and colourful city.”

“This time it was a very short trip; I didn’t get much time to shop,” she said. Shinde, who had a fall out with the producers of Bhabhi Ji…, said that she might not do TV anymore, considering the amount of bitterness she has been through. “The show was the best thing that happened to me; I got so much recognition. But I was not happy with the producer’s behaviour. I still haven’t received my full payment, which is very unprofessional on their part. I am not interested in TV anymore. I am focusing on films and I am reading a few scripts as well,” she said.

Source TOI


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