The Last Full Measure-The story of Bravery

The Last Full Measure-The story of Bravery

The war drama is written and directed by Todd Robinson. He narrates the story of two battles in his movie “The Last Full Measure”.It is the story of true bravery.

The Last Full Measure” movie is truly based on the Vietnam war hero William Pitsenbarger’s story. It will release in India on January 31, 2020.It is a traditional tale of combat fought in the jungles of Vietnam in 1966 and later after three-decade, a man’s fight for justice to seek recognition for his heroism. 

Cast Of Film

Sebastian Stan, Christopher Plummer, Jeremy Irvine, Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris, Peter Fonda, Diane Ladd, and Amy Madigan are the cast of this film. 

Irvine is cast as William Pitsenbarger, an Air Force medic who saved over 60 men in one of the battles of Vietnam. He stayed behind and try to save more and more soldiers instead of leaving the combat zone. Plummer plays the war hero’s father Frank Pitsenbarger who was together with all survivors of the Vietnam war, battle-petitioned the government awarded the Medal of Honor to Airman William H. Pitsenbarger for his service and actions in the battlefield.

Sebastian Stan is cast as investigator Scott Huffman, who is assigned to probe the case and the reason why Pitsenbarger’s medal was denied.

The film is brought by PVR Pictures in India.


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