TikTok fame Sameeksha Sud receives DEATH THREATS


With a sudden lockdown peaple have no work to do and plenty of time. Many people have started to showcase their talents on various social media platforms. Some received immense popularity from TikTok and one such social media influencer is Sameeksha Sud.

Every video of Sameeksha goes viral and she has been entertaining the audience since a lot of time now and has got extremely popular. Well, with popularity comes great responsibility as well and one needs to keep in mind minute details while creating content so that no section of the society is offended. Something unfortunate happened with Sameeksha recently when her video was misinterpreted by many.

On her new posted a video speaking about men disrespecting women. The video didn’t go down well with her male followers who thought she was targeting the entire male gender, however, Sameeksha was only addressing the video to a section of men who are responsible for disrespecting women.

In no time Sameeksha realised that her video was getting misinterpreted and hence she deleted it and also apologised for the same but by then the damage was done and she started receiving hate messages and even death threats. Her DM section got flooded with negative feedback.

BFFs Vishal Pandey and Bhavin Bhanushali came ahead and supported their friend Sameeksha and requested the trolls to stop targeting her.Also there is considerable decline in Sameeksha’s followers on TikTok can be seen post the controversy.

Have a look at Vishal and Bhavin’s appeal in Sameeksha’s favour.

Well, everyone deserves a second chance, and we hope her fans would let the bygones be bygones.


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