Vidya Balan Lashes Out A Fan For Touching Her Inappropriately!


There have often been cases when celebrities went overboard, attacked and creeped out actresses. Vidya Balan, who will soon be seen in Begum Jaan, was in Kolkata for an event slammed a male fan who approached for a selfie.

In an interview to the actress mentioned that she was at the Kolkata airport with the director Srijit Mukherji and the producer of the film when a fan approached her for a selfie. Just when she obliged, the man put his arm around her without taking her permission. Even though Vidya warned him to behave, the man apparently didn’t pay attention.

He again held his arm around her. This is when Vidya Balan lost her cool and screamed at him, “What do you think you’re doing?” To which, the gutsy man shamelessly once again asked her, if he could take a selfie. Vidya was extremely annoyed, and shouted, “No you can’t, behave yourself.”

She Said….

‘We are public figures, not public property’


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