Was Arhaan Khan’s mobile phone secured with Rashami Desai’s THUMBPRINT?


Bigboss season 13 apart from most popular entertainment season, have many major controversies to provide to the fans of the show.

One of the major controversies of the season was actress Rashami Desai’s relationship with Arhaan Khan. The actress was in a relationship with him which took an ugly turn after BigBoss 13. In one of the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes, it was revealed that Arhaan hid the fact that he was married and has a five-year-old son. The matter escalated to a level that Rashami announced on the National Television that she has opted out of the relationship with Arhaan.

Soon, after this Arhaan’s family was dragged in the matter and it was subtly stated that his family members were staying at Rashami’s house during her stay in Bigg Boss.

One of the information have came out through the sources that, “It is sort of non-digestible that Arhaan’s family stayed at Rashami’s house. As far as I know, his family never made a trip from Jaipur during their stay in Bigg Boss. Also, it came across as a shock that Rashami was unaware of Arhaan’s past as the duo was quite thick with each other and were in a live-in relationship for quite some time. For a matter of fact, for a brief period of time, Arhaan’s phone was secured by Rashami’s thumbprint. A couple sharing so much comfort and compatibility not knowing about each other’s past comes across as quite weird”.

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