Weekend Ka Vaar-Salman calls housemates tees maar khan

Weekend Ka Vaar-Salman calls housemates tees maar khan

In Weekend Ka Vaar episode of  Bigg Boss 13, the contestants get ready and wait for Salman Khan to host Weekend Ka Vaar. Contestants get shocked to see Dabangg Khan in the house. Salman enters the house with helpers and started cleaning the kitchen, living room and toilet. The contestants apologize to Salman Khan for not fulfilling their duty of keeping the house clean.

The housemates get embarrassed to see Salman cleaning the entire house. Salman tells the audience that the people of the housekeeping it unhygienic. Salman taunts the housemates for keeping the house messy and tells them to call him again if they need any help in cleaning the house.

Salman Khan shows the pictures of the unclean house to the housemate of the house. Shehnaz tells Salman that no one is helping in household chores. The housemates give justifications to Salman but Dabangg Khan is not convinced with there justifications. Salman calls everyone that they are tees maar khan and they think household chores are below there dignity. Salman appreciates Shehnaz for doing various household chores during everyone’s captainship.

Paras exposes Asim and tells Salman that he works out in the gym but is not ready to do household chores. Shehnaz tells Salman that Asim disappointed her by not doing household chores as she thinks he will help him in her captainship.

Salman advises Shehnaz to be good to everyone but to not expect anything in return as she might get hurt because of it.

Bigg Boss surprises Salman Khan by showing him a video of his journey into the show. Salman completes 10 years with Bigg Boss. Salman gets a bit emotional seeing the video and thank Bigg Boss for the surprise. Housemates present an amazing dance performance for Salman to celebrate his birthday.


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