World Emoji Day: The most viral bollywood emojis expressions to celebrate this day with a smile


Today in this modern world Emoji’s is considered as mostly used to express feeling on social media. And hence today, on World Emoji Day, we decided to list down few actors, who are perfect replacements for the emojis that we love using!

Do not forget to tell us.. which one is your favourite!

1. Being Cool…
2. Geeky: How much we love chashmish Naina urf Deepika!
3. Wink: Aishwarya shows us how it is done!
4. Lovestruck: Most of us, when we see Shah Rukh Khan!
5. Tears with Laughter: Very few times when we can see Salman Khan giving us this expression!
6. Tongue-Out: Who better than the naughty Ranveer Singh?!
Kiss: That’s the way to do it! Parineeti Chopra rocking the style!
7. Sad with Tears: Aamir Khan often ends up crying!
8. Hands on Smiley Face: Priyanka Chopra looks ditto. Doesn’t she?
Smiley! Katrina candidly captured as she flashes her lovely smile!
Oh my! Sonakshi’s expressions are exact that of a surprised person!
And last but not the least….. Thalaiva Rajinikanth!


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