Would love to adopt a girl child: Nazneen Patni


We’re currently struggling to fight with the coronavirus and government have announced 21 days of complete lockdown. While a lot of people are cribbing about this announcement, and many are finding peace in it. One such actress is Nazneen Patni of Gandii Baat fame. She said, “I always believe in the silver lining on dark clouds. The 21 days of lockdown has made me realize so many things. There is an umpteen number of things that we take for granted. This quarantine period has taught me to be more compassionate and humble towards others. It has enabled most of us to spend quality time with our loved ones. Our mother nature is healing. There are so many positives about it, having said that, I do wish that the pandemic ends soon.”

Nazneen is one of the people who had a quarantine birthday, we asked the gorgeous actress about how she spent her birthday, she said, “It was one of those years when I didn’t cut a cake but made a point to feed the poor. Also, I decided to bear my maid’s expenses for a month. I strongly believe that by giving more away in charity, one gains satisfaction and that feeling is very pure and nice”.

Nazneen also wishes to adopt a child. She said, “It is my dream to adopt a baby girl. Just pray that I could achieve the same soon”.

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