Yami Gautam said “I associate with my character on a personal level”…


Yami Gautom is all set to play a model in her next film with Ayushmann Khurrana in Bala.

Yami Gautom is very much excited to play on-screen model for the first time. Her modelling days came handy to Yami Gautom to play her part of a model in the film. In Bala, she plays a local city model from Lucknow who is a popular face for the locals and the local brands of the city.

While talking about her role, Yami Gautom said, “I play a popular model from a local city in Lucknow. Unlike a lot of characters shown on screen so far, my character is a local model who’s famous in a local town. There have been many occasions in my hay days which I associate with my character on a personal level even though the character is far different and her experiences are different from what I have experienced. The only similarity is that she’s a model and I have done that briefly, so there are basics I understand of the character. Of course, this character is very different and something I haven’t done before. But my personal experience as a model has come in handy in certain nuances.”


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