Aashika Bhatia asks whom she is dating


Aashika Bhatia is one of the very popular social media enthusiasts. She has impressed many people and many people followers her on social media platforms. The actress is quite appreciated for her TikTok videos wherein she aces all the emotions that she portrays.

She is also known for voicing her opinions loud and clear. Ashika made it to headlines when she gave a befitting reply to the followers who body-shammed her.

Aashika Bhatia asks whom she is dating

The actress has been in the news lately with Satvik Sakhyan. The duo was madly in love and apparently because of career priorities Ashika and Satvik broke up.

Well, recently, Ashikha went on a date and asked her fans if they can guess with whom she will be going on date. As a hint, Ashika said, the name of the person with whom she is going on a date starts with “M”. The fans started the guesswork and a few guessed that she is dating Mohak Narang (a popular TikTok artist).

Well, Ashika was left surprised by the answers. She later revealed that she is going on a date with her mother Minu Bhatia.

Have a look at the pictures:


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