Arshi Khan re-enters the Bigg Boss 11, brings the sword of mid-week eviction along


Arshi Khan has re-entered the Bigg Boss 11 once again. When we interviewed her she had revealed she wanted to stay inside the house more. Well, looks like makers have heard her wish and granted it. Though we have to reveal it to you that she won’t be in the house as a contestant, but her as a guest. But her role on the show, in her second tenure, will be very important.

Awaam’s favourite Arshi Khan has entered the house to introduce contestant to a new twist in the game. With just 6 days left for the finale, the makers have decided to kick out yet another contestant from the remaining four, so that the finale will only have four in the running.

Who do you think will be the unlucky contestant who’s be made to exit the house just a few days before to the finale – Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Puneesh Sharma, Vikas Gupta, or Akash Dadlani?

Arshi will be in the house for exactly three days. And she will make a huge impact on the upcoming results of the ongoing voting. Well, entertainment is back inside the house.

An insider has also revealed that makers have made up their minds as to who they will be removed from the house in the middle of the week. “Makers have decided to either evict Puneesh or Akash.

Also, Vikas will be offered Rs 10 lakh of the prize money and be given a choice to take the money and voluntarily exit from the house” our source revealed. Let us see what new drama awaits us in the last stretch of the game.


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