Bharat trailer reactions: Twitter roasts Katrina Kaif’s performing, Salman Khan’s ‘illogical’ movie with memes


Twitter gave a brutal but humorous reaction to Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan’s upcoming film Bharat, the trailer of which become revealed on Monday.

Salman Khan shared the principal trailer for his up and coming and very foreseen film Bharat on Monday and it was exactly what the web expected to avert its Monday blues. From Bollywood fans to the Nagpur City Police, all alternated to cook the new trailer and Salman with it.

One specific scene highlighting the film’s female lead Katrina Kaif was a major hit with the jokers on Twitter. “Itna bhaari gyaan dene ki zarurat nahi hai,” she reveals to Salman’s character in the film when he gives a long and clarification about his name. Before sufficiently long, individuals made an image out of it and it has now turned into a web sensation.

The Nagpur City Police likewise tweeted a humorous image to gloat about their observation cameras. “When you have CCTV observation all around the city,” they composed with an image of Salman in his different get ups from the film. A similar picture was utilized to demonstrate how individuals stalk their squashes online with Fake profile, how they make news IDs to continue restoring the free gushing administration record and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The three-minute long trailer indicated diverse shades of Salman’s life venture. The initial segment of the trailer exhibited Salman’s bright youth when he would move and perform brave tricks at a carnival. The second piece of the trailer depicts an alternate side of Salman, who is hunting down a vocation and how he meets Katrina’s ‘Madam sir’ and goes gaga for her.

This is trailed by Salman’s not kidding symbol. He is seen volunteering with individuals in finding missing foreigners from over the fringe and satisfying the guarantee made by him to his dad (depicted by Jackie Shroff) amid the Partition.


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