Bigg Boss 11: Fans misbehave with Hina Khan, pull her hair – watch shocking video


The four nominated housemates had to take part in an activity in the mall wherein they had to appeal to the fans on ground to save them from getting eliminated this weekend. However, little did the show runners know that people in mammoth numbers will turn up at the mall to vote for their favorite contestants.

Last year, Manveer Gurjar and Manu Punjabi were brought to the same mall, but the number of people then was nothing compared to the attendance that the mall witnessed today.

One of the fans went on to misbehave with Hina by pulling her hair. Yep! And it has been captured on camera by the other fan, who was hanging with the bar too. Check out the Pics and video right here:

The security guards somehow managed to get Luv, Vikas, Shilpa and Hina inside a life size jail that was set up in the main area of the mall. As soon as the fans saw them, many crossed the barricades and almost broke the jail. The few guards that were there inside the jail with the four contestants tried their best to keep the overly excited fans away from the contestants, but situation kept getting out of control.

The mall authorities and the production unit realized that this is not going to be easy and hence Luv, Shilpa, Hina and Vikas were taken out of the mall after 15 minutes.

The fans however stood in a line to vote for their favorite contestants. So one out of Luv, Vikas, Shilpa and Hina will be definitely out of the Bigg Boss house.


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