Casting Director Tanuj Soni and actress-wife Preeti Dhyani have a FILMY love story


Tanuj Soni and his wife Preeti Dhyani believe that love comes your way when you least expect it, and the saying seems to be true in the case of casting director Tanuj Soni and actress wife Preeti Dhyani. Tanuj and Preeti’s love story can easily be filmed as it is a clear indication of the universe conspiring for them to unite both of them.

Tanuj who’s been in the industry for several years was in search of a pretty face for his show new show. He happened to see Preeti’s picture on a social media platform and messaged her for the auditions. Preeti agreed. But both couldn’t meet while Preeti came to Tanuj’s office for auditions.

Sharing his filmy love story, Tanuj said, “We couldn’t meet when she dropped by at my office for auditions but I believe we were destined to be together. We met later on and re-connected. We discovered that both of us stay nearby and promised to catch-up. That’s how we kept meeting more often. Initially, it was work-related but gradually, we started meeting casually we both didn’t realize how we started liking each other’s company”.

Tanuj later added, “Frankly speaking, both of us didn’t click in the very first meeting. Things took time and organically we started being comfortable in each other’s company.

On being asked who proposed first, Tanuj said, “Of course I did and Preeti took a good ten days time to get back to me with her reply. I was elated to hear a “yes” from her. The rest is history. Our families got involved in all this and we both decided to take the plunge last year on 19 April. And just as I say, it makes me realize that we’re about to complete a year of togetherness. It seems like yesterday. Touchwood. God has been great as he has made our love story so filmy”.

Apart from being extremely supportive of each other Tanuj and Preeti are a well-educated couples. They celebrated Holi in a unique way. As the country is hit by the threat of CoronaVirus, the duo took a ride and landed themselves in an amusement park where they celebrated the festival of Holi.

Tanuj has many shows to his credits as a casting director, some of which are Ishq Subhan Allah, Gudiya Hamari Sabhi pe Bhari, Shrimad Bhagavad amongst others while Preeti has been a part of projects like Crime Alert, Kaun Hai, etc.


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