Child artist Aarif Sharma aka Neev will leave Zindagi Ki Mehek


The cutest member of Zee TV’s Zindagi Ki Mehek will soon make an exit from the show. We are talking about the child artist Aarif Sharma, who plays the role of Neev, moving out of the show.

Yes, according to our sources, Aarif’s parents have decided to make him quit the show and comeback to Amritsar where he resides. It is been three months that Aarif is winning hearts of millions with his cute portrayal of Neev. The entire team of Zindagi Ki Mehek is in aww of this little kid and are sad about him going away from the team.

So, how will the adorable Aarif move out of the show?

Well, as we know, Neev has found out that the person staying in the Khanna house is not Shaurya but his impostor. Thus, the shocked kid runs up to Mehek (Samiksha Jaiswal) to tell her the truth.

However, the pretender, Aakash and his sister, Nalini will play a dirty game. They will strangle Neev with manja (kite flying thread). The little Neev will be rushed to the hospital but, would sadly lose his voice.

To show his exit from the show, Mehek will leave Neev to his grandmother’s house in Rishikesh.

We could not get through Aarif’s parents for a comment.


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