Eashita Bajwa supermodel narrates her STRUGGLE with DEPRESSION

Eashita Bajwa supermodel narrates her STRUGGLE with DEPRESSION

The journey to find the next Supermodel has begun on MTV. The last shortlist task of the show was surprisingly quite edgy had taken a toll on the contestants, however, they bravely face the situation.

Eashita Bajwa supermodel narrates her STRUGGLE with DEPRESSION

The task was to face the camera without any make-up in a black and white portrait and let tell out the difficulties that they’ve faced in life.

While Yukti and Drisha revealed that they were sexually harassed, Renee told the difficulties she faced because of their dark skin color. One of the contestants whose story touched the hearts of judges was Eashita Bajwa. Eashita’s father was an alcoholic and she has seen a lot of violence since her young age which has affected her mentally. She proudly stated that she is in depression and also motivated the viewers to speak and seek help about depression.

Eashita Bajwa supermodel narrates her STRUGGLE with DEPRESSION

Post the telecast, Eashita took to Instagram and posted a long message for the fans who supported and send her good wishes.

Have a look at the post:

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The past is a point of reference and not a place of residence. I shared my story and opened up to you all and you are supporting me so so much. I’m really grateful. I wanted to make sure each one of you knows that one day it’s all going to be okay for real. You’ll not have to pretend anymore. It came straight from my heart and so many of you are connecting with me, with my story. I know how it feels and it’s okay, not everyone understands. But there’s nothing wrong in speaking up. I’ve faced a lot more than you heard, but even if I’ve inspired a handful of people, if I’ve given you hope, my motive of saying it all is done because trust me you are not alone. It’s going to be hard but you got it. Depression is something not everyone knows about and the reason is that mental health is not given so much importance. Your mental health should be your priority. Let me tell you, yes you, sitting behind that screen and commenting rubbish, you should go and dig deeper and then maybe you’ll realise what you are doing. It’s easy to mock someone else until you’ve lived in their shoes. This is the first time I’ve ever spoken about it and I got really really emotional. I’ve been in darkness for a long long long long time. I know how it feels, the pain, the fear, loneliness. You know what, you are a fighter so just keep fighting. You need you more than you need anyone else. Sending love to everyone who’s trying their best to heal from things they don’t discuss. #hatersgonnahate #depressionsurvivor #EB #eashitabajwa

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We’re sure Eashita’s will surely motivate the viewers to talk about everything that’s troubling them mentally.


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