Gourov-Roshin: Sufi depicts romance in the purest and most soulful way


Sufi depicts romance in the purest form and in the most soulful way, so music should we feel within the soal composers Gourov-Roshin said. The duo Gourov-Roshin has now collaborated with singer Danish Sabri to create a Sufi romantic track, namely “Naina churaye”.

“Sufi is a magical expression of love that depicts romance in the purest and most soulful way. With ‘Naina churaye’, we knew we wanted to bring out the old-school charm of a love song, and Sufi was the correct choice,” said Gourov and Roshin.

Singer Danish Sabri, who has also written the romantic number, added: ” ‘Naina churaye’ has been a special experience for me because I love the emotional connection associated with a love song. The romantic number is a soulful Sufi song, which is beautifully presented by Gourov-Roshin.”

The track has been released by Sony Music India.


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