Karishma Kapoor: Salman Khan is most closer to me than Kareena Kapoor


Actress Karisma Kapoor says that superstar Salman Khan, with whom she shares “a very long-standing relationship”, is closer to her than her younger sister Kareena Kapoor Khan.

During an appearance on the show “Entertainment ki Raat@9 – Limited Edition”, she talked about her bond with Salman, read a statement.

“Salman is closer to me than Kareena. We have share a very long-standing relationship. For Salman, Kareena is like a little sister and he still considers her to be a child,” Karisma said.

Karisma and Salman were among the 1990s’favourite

Karisma also had a part in “Bodyguard”.

“I was the voice of Chaya in the movie, ‘Bodyguard’. It was my voice who used to trouble Salman’s character in the movie,” she said.

Asked what kind of movies she would like to do, the “Coolie No. 1” star said: “After starring in all the ‘No.1’ movies, I would like to be a part of Mummy No.1, if anyone makes it.

“This movie will describe every mother’s role and I will be happy to play a part in it. For now, I share a great bond with my son and daughter. I would like to tell everyone that my daughter and I even share the same clothes now,” she said.


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