Kishwer Merchantt, Tina Dutta and Parul Chaudhary make the BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT of 2020!


We all love to watch television and Bollywood actress wearing sarees and there has always been a time that we have worn out mother’s sarees.

Watching heroines on television, we get so much inspired that we may have even frappes ourselves as brides.

In fact, many of us may have run your hands over their sarees when our mothers lay them out on the bed, searching all that gorgeousness in yourself? Now as we are growing up, fashion and trends are also changing with the time and now there are more variations of sarees that are fused with the ethnic range such as lehengas and gowns for weddings.

And there are some celebrities love to experiment with saree gown space. While there are not many actors who don’t like to experiment with fashion. There is quite a few popular actresses who make impressive statements likes Tina Dutta, Kishwer Merchantt and Parul Chaudhary.


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