Kumkum Bhagya: Rhea decides to ruin Prachi’s image by making the MMS viral


The episode begins with Rhea calling Sia. Sia tells Rhea that a girl is following her and she thought it was Prachi. But before Rhea notices the girl, she mixed herself with some other girl. So Rhea feels that it was someone else, not Prachi. Then Sia goes with Rhea. Rhea gives money to Sia but It was not the full amount that Rhea promised to give. She argues with Rhea for the same. By that time she sees Prachi looking for her. Rhea gets shattered. She takes Sia downstairs and asks her to wear her clothes from her locker and keep Prachi’s clothes there only. Rhea also asks sia to stay away from Prachi. Meanwhile, Prachi calls Sarita but Sarita was busy talking to someone else. Then Sarita picks up Prachi’s call. Prachi confirms that Sarita has not made the same kind of design on any other dupatta except hers. Prachi asks Sarita to check whether her dupatta is in her wardrobe or not. Prachi tells her about the girl she has seen with the same dress and dupatta.

On the other hand, Rhea is worried as Prachi will become suspicious about her dress is missing. She decides to keep Prachi’s dress right there at Prachi’s wardrobe. Later on, Rhea sees Prachi coming towards her and Prachi notices Sia which scares Rhea. So Rhea makes Prachi fall down by putting her leg in Prachi’s leg. But Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand.

Rhea remembers that Aliya had suggested her to be very good to Prachi so that Ranbir will feel guilty of not choosing her as his lady love. She asks Prachi whether she is fine or not. Rhea sees that Ranbir and Prachi started staring at each other. Later when Ranbir tries talking to Rhea but she avoids him. Prachi wonders to see the changing behavior of Rhea towards her. Rhea notices Ranbir’s concern for Prachi as he asks Prachi to finish her lecture so that he can drop her home. Prachi also shares about Sia who had worn dress similar to hers with Ranbir. But Ranbir tells her that similar kinds of clothes can be there. Prachi then leaves for the lecture.

Ranbir decides to tell Rhea that he hasn’t made any mistake as he likes Prachi. Meanwhile, Rhea visits Prachi’s house. Pragya opens the door. Rhea lies to Pragya that she wanted to take some notes from Prachi. Pragya asks her to wait and she goes to make coffee for Rhea. Rhea feels very guilty as she likes Pragya and doesn’t like to lie to her. Rhea feels that whenever she meets Pragya, she feels something inside. When Rhea is about to enter Prachi’s room, Sarita enters the house. She wonders to see that the main door is opened. She calls out Pragya’s name but Pragya doesn’t reply. Rhea, on the other hand, keeps the dress back to the cupboard but while doing so, the box with Abhi’s photo falls on the floor. Rhea gets very scared. She takes the photo and keeps it in a hurry without seeing that. Sarita doubts that there is a thief inside. She takes a wooden stick in order to hit the thief. Sarita enters the room and catches Rhea but Rhea keeps shouting that she is not a thief.

Pragya notices that. Sarita tells her that she thought there is a thief inside the house. Meanwhile, Ranbir takes Shahana and Prachi on the way to their house in his car. Ranbir finds that Prachi is very quiet. He asks her to speak up like she usually does but Prachi tells him that she is not in a mood to talk. Ranbir asks her to be calm down. On the other hand, Pragya comforts Rhea as Sarita accuses Rhea to be a thief. Rhea feels that her behavior with Prachi might be wrong as her mother is so nice to her. She thinks of dropping the idea of MMS. Sarita taunts Pragya for being so nice to Rhea. Pragya shares that she feels affectionate towards Rhea whenever she meets her. Pragya also tells her that Rhea might have gone to Prachi’s room to take notes. But Sarita still doesn’t believe that her. On the other hand, Ranbir arrives outside Prachi’s house with Prachi and Shahana.

 When Prachi is about to go inside her house, Ranbir stops her. He bends down on his knees in front of her. At the same time, Rhea comes up from Prachi’s house. She notices everything. But later Ranbir drops the idea of proposing Prachi at that market place. Prachi asks Ranbir to hold her hand to get up which makes Rhea even more jealous. She decides to make the MMS viral in the college groups which will ruin Prachi’s image.


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