Meet Samarth Shandilya THE KABIR SINGH of Television


We know Samarth Shandilya as a good looking and dapper actor who is a fun-loving and easy-going person as portrayed in most of his on-screen characters, but do you know reality he is one trouble-maker?

Serial killer wants to share some interesting facts about the Perfect Pati -Samarth Shandilya which will prove you sure that he has done a lot of mischiefs rolled up his sleeves.

Well, an actor is known for his acting in Jai Mummy Di actor Samarth Shandilya has attracted funny and easy-going characters in his journey, his real personality is quite opposite to what he acts. While Samarth, in his real life, is pretty paced out, nobody dares to mess with him or rub him in the wrong way. People surrounding him knows the fact that the actor has temper issues and carries a bad-boy image behind the screen.

The actor raised eyebrows when he revealed that he had a spat with Virat Kohli during his school days wherein he also had also beaten up the cricketer Virat Kohli at his childhood. He has also thrashed a few truck drivers in Udaipur who damaged his vehicle.

Looks like Samarth is controversy’s favorite child and probably that’s the reason why he was also offered Bigg Boss season 5 but he didn’t opt for it because of an apparent condition as he can lose his temper easily.

Completely opposite from his on-screen persona, Samarth in real life is a strong-headed and no-nonsense individual. A source close to the actor said, “He is like the storm before the lull. If one pokes him, he has to be ready to face dire consequences”.


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