Noor Siddique talks about his journey as a Casting Director!

Noor Siddique talks about his journey as a Casting Director!

There are a lot of people who enter the entertainment industry every day but some people achieve great height. While some aspire to become actors, some want to make it big behind the camera.

One such name is Noor Siddique who has been a part of the Bollywood fraternity from the past four years. While he worked as a merchant in the gulf countries and was far away from the entertainment business, soon he change her destiny he made a decision to turn to cast in 2016.

Speaking about the same, Noor said,” My personal life’s experience made me take this decision. I returned from the gulf and had some actor friends. I was instantly fascinated with casting. Recently, I have cast for Gul Makai and Tokers House. The biggest challenge with Tokers House was to bring 46 influencers together under one roof which never ever happened in the history of social media, it has never happened in the history of reality shows where all the stars of social media have come together to participate.”

“I have done casting for several music albums around 8 to 10 and also future castings are for movies, web series, reality shows, and music albums,” he added.

Way Noor will go ahead!


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