Notebook Movie Review 2.5/5: Kashmir is the genuine fascination of Zaheer Iqbal, Pranutan Bahl film


The chief attraction in this film is Kashmir. Music, which is the soul of any Bollywood romance is below par in this dull romance.

There are maybe just a couple of spots on Earth that are as painfully lovely as Kashmir – the Dal Lake with pontoons winding around, conifers shouting to the sky and a history that has blood splattered on top of it. Set in the Valley, this is the manner by which Notebook starts also – with the passing of a blameless, all observed through the fog of a fantasy.

The film sets up its aspirations at an opportune time – it contacts upon removal and passing, fear and an age compelled to live under the shadow of weapons. In any case, it is in the execution that it flounders; having addressed these critical subjects, it surges off to tie everything conveniently into a sentiment. Scratch pad is simply not the film that can cart everything away; it splutters and the exertion ends up self-evident.

He begins to look all starry eyed at Firdaus while never meeting her – a significant take off from the millennial romantic tales Bollywood normally produces – just to discover that she is getting hitched in a couple of days. The two offer barely a couple of casings together as the notes traded through the journal are their solitary correspondence. A fundamentalist dad who needs to push his scholastically splendid child into militancy is the means by which Kashmir’s political circumstance is reflected in the film.

The movie’s two leads being propelled by Salman Khan scarcely get whenever together; the sentiment is unremarkable yet a perfect Kashmir and a gaggle of youngsters are utilized wisely by executive Nitin Kakkar. After a year ago’s Laila Majnu, Notebook has again been shot totally in Kashmir and cinematographer Manoj Kumar Khatoi has guaranteed each casing is overflowing with excellence. The visual depiction will remain with you long after you overlook the disappointing romantic tale.


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