Radha Krishna Serial is on high TRP –


“Radha Krishna” is the religious TV serial, the TRP of “Radha Krishna” Serial is on Top in very short time. Public also love the serial and character of serial also. Especially Chemistry between Radha Ji and Krishna Ji people totally love it. Because its good idea people even dont know the actual story between Radha Ji and Krishna Ji that was shown in the TV serial.

Radha’s love for Lord Krishna knows no bounds as she is loyal to him with all her heart. The tales of their pure love for one another stand the test of time.

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The motive of “RadhaKrishna” serial is totally based upon Real Love, Krishna teach us to all what the power of real Love, and actually what is real Love by only your Heart. The Chemistry between “Sumedh Mudgalkar” as (Krishna) and “Malika Singh” as (Radha) is very loving people love to watch together “Made For Each Other Jodi”.

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The music director, back music is also very good and lyrics very Situation about the scenes of the Serial. This serial on only based on Kans and Yashoda’s story, the main focus on RadhaKrishna Love Story, arguements, some touch of jealousy, bond between Radha and Krishna that different thing we will watch in a serial, because before this people even not know the real story of “RadhaKrishn”.

Everyone just know the story between Krishna and Kans. Some unique, different shown in the serial that no one knows that’s why everyone love to watch the serial and TRP on the Serial is very high. RadhaKrishna TRP on top 5 serials. This serial is on 5th rank of TRP.


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