Salman Khan to spend another night in jail; bail order reserved till tomorrow


Nobody expected that Salman Khan will get convicted in the 1988 blackbuck poaching case. People were certain that he will be proven innocent, just like how he was acquitted in the hit and run case. But law had his own will as the Jodhpur Court charged Salman guilty by sentencing him to 5 years of jail in its final verdict yesterday. Now had Salman been sentenced to anywhere less than 3 years then he could have applied for immediate bail but considering his punishment extends to 5 years, the actor has to remain behind the bars until the Sessions court reconsiders his jail term and grants him bail.

Salman has been in the Central Jail since last evening and is set to appear before the Sessions Court for the bail hearing at 10:30 am today.

Scroll down to get LIVE updates from Salman’s bail hearing in the blackbuck poaching case, as and how it happens:

11: 37 am: The reason why the verdict has been deferred till tomorrow is because the Sessions Court judge Ravinder Kumar Joshi has asked for records from Rural Court and High Court (previous cases)

11:30 am: Salman’s lawyer confirms they haven’t challenged the jail term but just have appealed for bail in today’s argument. If the trial court to consider their appeal in the Chinkara case then they can also consider this case.

11:20 am: Bail verdict reserved till tomorrow as the Sessions Court has adjourned for today after hearing arguments from both the sides. What will be the final order? Only time will tell.

11:12 am: Salman will not be appearing in the Session’s Court for the bail hearing today, owing to security reasons.

10:49 am: Salman’s case is listed at serial number 24 and it’s very unlikely that his bail hearing will happen out of turn. However, the counsel might request for an early hearing. suggest reports

10:44 am: The lawyer representing the Bishnoi Camp is confident to oppose Salman’s defense and make sure the actor doesn’t get bail. Both the lawyers are now inside the court, awaiting Salman to arrive and begin the bail hearing

10: 33 am: In a shocking turn of events, Salman’s lawyer reveals how he is receiving death threats if he doesn’t take a step back from the case.

Here, below is the video of the same (Credits: News 18)


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