Shilpa Shinde: I would not want to meet Hina Khan ever again in my life


Bigg Boss 11 Winner Shilpa Shinde does NOT want to meet Hina Khan EVER again. She defeated Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma in the race to the finale to win the trophy and prize money of INR 44 lakh.

When an entertainment portal asked Shilpa about her views on first runner-up Hina Khan, she said that she would not want to meet Hina Khan ever again in her life. “While Hina Khan knew everything in the kitchen, I had no clue. However, I did all the work but she never bothered. I had never cooked for 18-19 people earlier,” she added.

Well, Shilpa and Hina’s fight over food is well known.

Meanwhile, while talking to us about her journey inside the house, Shilpa said, “It has been a big journey and a great one. It is still unbelievable. After what I have gone through, this is the perfect answer… I think the way I lived inside that house, the way relationships were made there, I had never imagined such changes in my life.”

She also reiterated that she was somewhere confident of winning the show. “I was confident that I will win because despite listening to my deaf-tone voice on TV if fans voted for me in huge numbers, I kind of had faith (in them). Also along with that my journey inside the house was difficult, I thought that my fans will support me and they did. So, this trophy is for them.”

On if we will see her on Television soon, Shilpa said, “I don’t think I will be doing any TV drama. After a long time, I have stood up and got recognized as Shilpa Shinde so I will like to do something as Shilpa on TV but let’s see if I do a good film for my fans.”


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