Sofia Hayat who vowed never to marry or have sex Just got Engaged!


The self-proclaimed nun Gaia Mother aka Sofia Hayat is now engaged. The model-actress is sure dishing out more surprises than we can handle. For after she became a nun last year, she had vowed never to marry, have sex or children.

A year back, former model and Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat had said that she is denouncing sex and will never get married. She also said that she is turning into a nun. We also saw her Instagram posts in which she was seen in a traditional nun’s attire.

But on Wednesday, she said she is “happily engaged”. In a long Instagram post, Sofia said this is the “marriage heavens have been waiting for” and added that the “cosmic mother has finally been reunited with the cosmic father”.

Mother Sofia Hayat – as she calls herself, shared pictures from the celebrations on her Instagram account. “Intimate dinner at Sketch to celebrate our engagement in the private room in the Lecture room restaurant….they made us a congratulations cake..spreading the love,” she wrote.


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