TV shows that went Off Air in no time!


While a few of serials seem to be crossing the decade mark soon, here are few which could not do well and went off air in just few months of launch.

1) Ekta Kapoor’s “Kawach…Kaali Shaktiyon Se,” which had replaced the highly successful supernatural show “Naagin” last month, will apparently go off air soon. The Mona Singh and Vivek Dahiya-starrer “Kawach,” which was launched in June, had created a huge buzz due to its star cast. However, the makers have planned to end the show owing to the low Television Rating Points (TRPs).

2) Tamanna: The Star Plus show revolved around the life of Dharaa and her unconventional dream of becoming a cricketer. After her family refuses to support her aspiration of becoming a cricketer, Dharaa, now a mother, attempts to fulfil her dreams again. It was promoted with great zeal and promised ‘something different’ in terms of its storyline. However, it did not capture the interest or the attention of the audience.

3) Adhuri Kahaani Humari: Kahaani Hamari which was launched more recently could not impress the viewers with its storyline. Even though the show has supernatural elements which are otherwise quite a hit with the viewers, it still failed to click with the audiences. While Begusarai could not gather sufficient TRPs post the leap in the show.

4) Star Plus’ finite series “Dahleez,” which had Harshad Arora (Adarsh) and Tridha Choudhary(Swadheenta) in the lead roles, could not make much noise. The show started to fade soon after its start and the channel decided to take it off way before it was supposed to. The show promised new and progressive content, but could not strike a chord with the audience and lost its way.

5) Woh Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle: The SAB TV show was based on a love triangle between Dr.Diya Dushyant (Phsyciatrist), Dr. Ranbeer (a fake Heart Surgeon) & Nathu Nakabandi (a fake Patient) enacted by Krishna Gokani, Ather Habib and Ali Asgar respectively. Ali Asgar and Ather Habib would have come for a treatment in the hospital and then pretends to be permanently sick so that he does not have to leave the hospital and can constantly try and woo the female lead. But, the show did not tickle the audience’s funnybone and was replaced with Dr. Bhanumati on Duty

6) Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do: ‘Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do’ was a television series which follows the life journey of Ishan Hooda (Iqbal Khan) and Preet Hooda (Mona Singh). Despite popular actors Mona Singh and Iqbal Khan, produced by Balaji Telefilms, was taken off air unceremoniously. Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do premiered on October 2015 and could not last beyond a period of three months.


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