Upasana Singh: Money has never been of prime importance to me!


Upasna Singh more popularly known as Bua of Comedy Nights With Kapil and later Comedy Nights Live, also quit the show. She refused to state the reasons of her decision.

When Kapil Sharma quit his hit show Comedy Nights With Kapil (CNWK) to start another one on a different channel, Upasana Singh, who was an integral part of his team, didn’t join him. She stayed back to be part of the refurbished version of the show (it currently features Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh). But soon things went awry, and she quit the show.

Now, she is back with Kapil on his show and says “It feels like I am home. After I quit the other comedy show, Kapil’s team contacted me. It took a while for them to figure out a role for me. But I am glad the role has turned out well. I used to play the aunt’s role in the earlier show, so I wanted to do something better this time around,”.

Upasana also refutes the rumours that claimed that she stayed back because she got a pay hike. “Money has never been of prime importance to me. I have done roles for a lesser amount too, only because I loved the character. Even now, I left not because I have a problem with the channel. It is just that the production house didn’t live up to the promises they made to me. I didn’t want to work on a show that didn’t satisfy me as an actor. I have always worked on my own terms. No one can tell me what to do,” says the actor.


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