Vanity Fair’s new cover blunder: Oprah Winfrey has 3 hands and Reese Witherspoon has 3 legs


The Latest cover of Vanity Fair was quite a star-studded one, as it featured Reese Witherspoon sitting on Oprah’s lap along with Nicole Kidman, Gal Gadot, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hanks, Zendya and more. The cover is shot by the legendary Annie Leibovitz and looks great on first glance.

However, this cover is FILLED with photoshop fails. If you always wondered how power women like Oprah and Reese Witherspoon managed to do so much in their day and be so accomplished while you cannot even finish one season of the “The Crown”. Well, looks like Vanity Fair has figured it out, it is because Oprah has an extra hand and Reese Witherspoon has an extra leg (at least on the cover of Vanity Fair).
Of course, Twitterati’s went gaga and pointed the errors out. Even Reese Witherspoon took to twitter and tweeted “Well…I guess everybody knows now…I have 3 legs. I hope you can still accept me for who I am. ( and I will never apologize for snuggling @Oprah .. if you get the opportunity,  I highly recommend it;) “
To which Oprah replied saying “I accept your 3d leg. As I know you accept my 3d hand”

Now, who wants to talk about Zendaya’s missing right leg? Yes, that’s a thing too. Maybe Reese Witherspoon borrowed a leg from Zendya.

What do you guys think of this blunder? Let us know in the comment below.


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