Vishakha delivers her child, a daughter Andhka as Hukum promises to finish off Bela

serial killer

Naagin 3, Bela tells Maahir that Vish is under the influence of the demon child. The two are looking for Vish in the forest. She tells Maahir not to feel bad about Vish’s statements. Bela finds Vish crying in pain and rushes to her.

However, Vish is not in her senses and accuses her of trying to steal her baby. She threatens to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff. Bela tells her that she is carrying a demon child, who will destroy the world. Bela says I have asked the baba who has said that the child can be a good one. Vish does not believe her. They have a fight and she jumps down the cliff in snake form. Bela is aghast. She follows her. Vish faints as she feels she is in labour pain. Bela calls out for Maahir. She takes Vish to a safe place.

Bela takes the child and promises it a good future. A daughter is born. This surprises Bela and Vish as they were expecting Hukum’s son. Vish is thrilled to be a mom. She appreciates her friend. Bela feels her tummy. Maahir tells Sumitra that she is a shameless woman. He says you are not my mom. Maahir says you killed your sons. He takes Yuvraj’s name and she is incensed.
Vikrant comes and tells Sumitra to back off from Maahir. She taunts him saying that Vish has got pregnant with Hukum’s child Andhka. She says you are still a kid. Sumitra tells Maahir that Vish has joined her gang and Bela is going to die. She says that Bela will be killed. Sumitra tells Maahir that Bela is pregnant.


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