Which GADGETS are Namik Paul, Priyank Sharma, Ravi Dubey, and Himmanshoo A. Malhotra are OBSESSED to?


Markets today are flooded with high tech electronics and gadgets which are luring the people with there design, features, etc.

But gadgets only work — when they are really worth it— people do fantastic and unexpected things with gadgets. So many of the gadgets on our list are important not because of what their creators wanted to accomplish, but because of what people accomplished with them. Now one of these gadgets which most of us rely on, or rather we cannot imagine living without is the mobile phone or smartphones.

These days, everyone is obsessed with gadgets, especially smartphones and the various applications that are available on it. People from all generations like one gadget or the other and are dependant on it.

Today, we are here to share the actors who have caught fancy to some gadgets…

Namik Paul’s favorite gadget is his mobile phone, which is an Apple iPhone XS, as he uses it the most. Ravi Dubey, on the other hand, has his favorites as is his phone and Alexa. Priyank Sharma is hooked to his iPhone XS Max. Himanshu A. Malhotra’s favorite gadget is his iPad Air 2.

What’s your favorite pick?


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